2020 summertime has kicked off with a great event – the PEI Confederation Bridge is open!

Why is this such a prolife event?

This event is the essence of pro-life! This is true because this means we can meet as families and friends at long last! The family is the bedrock of our lives and after 4 months of being apart many moms, dads, brothers, sisters, kids, cousins, aunts, and uncles are now heading out to rejoice about LIFE!

Did you know that at the Queen Elisabeth Hospital in Charlottetown about 60-80 babies are born every month? That means about 240 new grandbabies, nieces and nephews, or little cousins have yet to meet many of our distant family members. No wonder people are lining up to see one another!
This is LIFE pure!

PEI LIFE stands for family and the love we share! We rejoice with all who are meeting their newest members and we rejoice in the many new Islanders yet to be born in our beautiful PEI. Love Save Lives – it empowersemboldens, and strengthens us to endure all that love requires.
Rejoice in the presence of one another this summer,
as we celebrate LIFE on PEI!

Yours for Life,

Pat Wiedemer
Executive Director